It is so doubtful until i received the return-parcel from MDR and seen them myself... i resumed to work almost no lost with the recovered working files... Thanks for the efficient support! 

Joshua Siew, Sibu  (Oct 2005)

"MDR has shown great professionalism in providing the painstaking effort to resolve my hard disk issues & had diligently provided continuous updates to me. Above all, MDR had successfully recovered my lost scientific data & photos. I highly recommend MDR to all who are facing problems in data recovery."

    Goh Yuh Shan, Postgraduate student, University of Malaya,
    April, 2007
    2.5" Hitachi Travelstar (HTS548060) with clicking noise, dead read & write head #2,

"We used to pay extremely high data recovery fee from the past, until we dealt with MDR...
With full recovery results achieved, we start realize and learn to redefine value of single dollar  spend on data recovery; to true effort of data salvation, not to "luxurious description" of service."    

    Adam Thong, Deputy IT Manager, Kuala Lumpur
    March 2007
    3 unit Seagate 33.6GB SCSI, RAID5, corrupted array, bad sector over drive 0 and 1,

"MDR is the most professional, friendly and helpful IT professionals I have dealt with. They recently saved the day for me, recovered all my data from my laptop's crashed hard disk. You can trust them to do a good job. Many Thanks to Mr Yew, the Engineer whom I dealt with".

    Lim Eng Keat, Kuala Lumpur
    Jan, 2007
    Loud clicking noise on Toshiba MK6022GAS 2.5" Hard disk.

"Years of working files, years of experience accumulation, the last thing that you want to face is losing them all over night. Thanks to MDR, to recover them all... "

    Michael Leong, Glenmarie Shah Alam
    Jan 2007
    Typical dead slider (read write head) Hitachi Travelstar (IC25N030ATMR04-0)

"I just like to say thank you on saving my factory machine data, a two-day delivery service was simply surprised me where look back on our previous recovery jobs which done overseas, two days will just good for shipping arrangement."

    Vijay M., Shah Alam, Selangor
    Oct 2006
    Maxtor 20GB with typical "Athena" alias error message. 

"the professionalism demonstrated by MDR hard disk consultant has put me up even more confident in my future recovery needs. Along the process of diagnosis, salvage and deliver my data, I can see their job enthusiasm ..."

    G.K. Kwang, Kuala Lumpur
    April 2006
    Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 120GB - ticking noise from malfunctioned head

"job are professionally handled, though remotely done from Kuantan, i feel total comfort with no hassle during the entire recovery progress. Matter of fact, your prompt service is above my expectation,  keep up the good work, i believe more Malaysian need the service like this. Thanks again for saving my data"

    Sharon Chong, Kuantan, Pahang
    Sept 2006
    Seagate old 3.5" 20GB - ST340015A, ticking noise from malfunctioned head

we are glad to have local data recovery company like MDR in malaysia, we are impressed when we were told that our 9-month research data are recoverable with reasonable price. Thank you guys, and all the best!

    Mohd. Ridzuan & Karim, UTM
    Nov 2005
    Maxtor 3.5" 80GB - 6Y080L0, ticking noise, seek error

my lost can be countless without my presentation data  recovered within 8 hours, i know it wasn't an easy task but you just made it, amazing! i will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you to others! Well done!

    Franco S., Singapore,
    Nov 2005
    Western Digital Scorpio 2.5" 80GB - WD800UE , head stuck, motor not spinning.

"MDR mampu mengembalikan data bagi sistem raid department kita yang telah rosak secara fizikal, ribuan terima kasih."
(MDR capable to recover data from our   departmental server which physically defected, thanks a lot)

    Azra'e Yacob, Ampang
    Oct 2005
    ML Proliant server series, 3 unit 33.6GB SCSI hard disk,

"I thought everything is gone until i found MDR, their strong technical knowledge saved almost 95% of my total data which is beyond my expectation, things are done in professional manner and reliable"

    Dr. Lam, Klang
    Oct 2005
    Dell laptop - Western Digital WD800UE , dead motor.

"We are satisfy with MDR's service on top of their capability to recover our memorable photos. We impress and appreciate what had MDR offered to us."

    Mr. & Mrs. Tan, Petaling Jaya
    Nov 2005
    iBook laptop - Fujitsu MHV2080 (80GB) , crashed head unit with clicking noise.

"it is so doubtful until i received the return-parcel from MDR and seen them myself... i resumed to work almost no lost with the recovered working files... Thanks for the efficient support!"

    Joshua Siew, Sibu
    Oct 2005
    Dell Precision 330 - Western Digital WD800EB , drive not recognized in BIOS.